Ultra High Field MRI of Cortical and Spinal Cord Pathology

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The goal of this research is to develop novel imaging tools and approaches at ultra high field 7 Tesla (7T) MRI for studying cortical lesions, cortical demyelination, and neurodegeneration in individuals with multiple sclerosis to better understand the mechanisms that lead to the development of cortical lesions in the course of the disease, and assess how cortical pathology impacts clinical outcome. We aim to validate these methods with ex vivo imaging and histopathology of multiple sclerosis brain specimens.

7T MRI acquisitions protocols are also used in combination with novel spinal cord segmentation tools, developed by our collaborator Dr. Cohen-Adad in Montreal, for assessing the occurrence, evolution, and clinical correlates of pathology in both the gray and white matter of the spinal cord at different stages of multiple sclerosis.


Selected publications:

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